Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spring Consignment Sale Haul

Today we shopped the Here We Grow Again - Indy South Sale.
I have been buying and selling at this sale since 2012.

Hooray!!! We love good deals!!!

Today we spent $75 and here is what we found
(price I paid vs. approx retail price below each picture)

Owen's Haul
Paw Patrol Puzzle ($1 paid/$1 retail)
Usborne 1001 Things to Spot in the Sea ($3 paid/$9.99 retail)
Paw Patrol Swim Shirt ($1 paid/$5 retail) 
This is all that he wanted. He is really into look and find books and I 
was excited to find this Usborne one to add to our shelves! 

 Dance bottoms for Annabeth in the next size
MCA Leggings ($5 paid/$12 retail)
Alpha Factor Shorts ($1 paid/$25 retail)
I honestly had no idea how expensive that Alpha Factor brand was, I just liked the $1
price tag. I probably would have looked for more if I had known the deal I was getting.

 Ruffle Girl Tunic and Leggings 
($8 Paid/$45 New)
There were many sets from this brand. 
This was the only color combo that
Annabeth cared for. 

 Lined Columbia Jacket
($4 paid/$30 retail)
Annabeth has had a Columbia jacket the past two or three years (also purchased at this sale)
and it has held up SO well. I was excited to find this really nice one for such a steal!

 Unicorn Dress
($8 paid/$15 new)
This dress was only maybe 50% off but she loved it and it is adorable!

 Matilda Jane Dress
($6 paid/$46 retail)
This was buried in the girls section! What a steal!!
The same dress is going for $30 on resale pages. 

And finally, our WOW item! I gave each of the kids a $5 toy limit. They do earn and save their own money so I like to let them spend it every now and then. That being said, I parted with more than three totes of things and didn't want a bunch of stuff coming back into the house. They both saw this ice cream truck and fell in love. It was well worth the $25 I spent (it was $35 but $10 less after they put their money in) 

Next Generation Ice Cream Truck
It come with over 90 ice cream items and it lights up and sings!
($35 paid/$110 retail!!!) 

We spent $72 with an approximate retail value of $299!! 

If you are local, come shop the sale this weekend:
Thursday Friday, and Saturday 9a-5p. Saturday is 50% off day!!

Happy Savings to All! 

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