Saturday, July 11, 2009


Mark officially started work this week at the Johnson County Jail. He is loving it and it is wonderful to watch him live out a dream. God has been so amazing in blessing Mark with the talents and desire to do this job and I thank Him for the opportunity He has given Mark.

As our week was filled with the joy of Mark's new career but it was even more so defined by the news that Mark's Grandma Pat has two brain tumors. At the moment, the assumption is brain cancer, although we will not know more until additional tests are run later this week.

It has been such a strange turn of events. Just two weeks ago, Mark's mom and Grandma Pat and I went to the movies. We ate popcorn and laughed at Sandra Bullock and now Pat is a completely different person. Her mind is so changed in that short time. My prayer is that while her mind is going, she holds fast to her faith. She is a woman of God, who has loved Him and served Him with inspiring passion. She is good to everyone, especially those who have never even been good to her. She is patient and an amazing listener. It will be difficult, even just as the granddaughter-in-law, to watch her mind go. My prayers are for peace for those of us who are aware of what's happening, for peace in Grandma Pat's heart, and most of all for the constant reminder of the gift of eternal life. Thanks be to God.