Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's Resolution: January

As I had mentioned before my New Year's Resolution is to do at least one "Indianapolis" thing each month. This month I managed two! :)

Last Thursday, Mark and I went to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art. I really enjoyed the Plains Indian art and I was thankful for our trip to South Dakota last spring. I think that having been out West a bit made me appreciate it all much more. I was also very excited by the Inuit Art, something that I had never seen before. They carved from whale bones and it was absolutely beautiful!

Last Saturday, Mama, Dad, and Lu were all in town and we made it up to an Indiana Ice game! It was very fun, although the Ice did lose. There were lots of contests between periods and even an on ice marriage proposal! I love few things more than a well planned proposal in the middle of a sporting event!

One month of Indianapolis events down...eleven more adventures to come

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're in Escrow!

From Gilmore Girls:
TJ: "Hey Luke, Your Sis and I, we're in escrow! We're in ESCROW!!"
Luke: "TJ, do you even know what that means?!"

Well, TJ may not have but WE do!! :) Yes, it's true! We've found a place to permanently call home!

You may be wondering, how did it happen?! We have been out driving looking at houses for fun and a few weeks ago we passed one and Mark said, "Stop and let's get the flyer." We did and he fell in love. I wasn't so sure but we looked it up online and I began to fall in love. So, to get some of the emotion out of our system, we waited a few days and then went to look at the property with a realtor. We loved it! We walked in the front door and it just felt: RIGHT. We waited another half a week before we looked again, we wanted to really process it, discuss it with a financial man, with our families, and then Monday evening we went to look again. At that point we knew, it was ours. An offer, a counteroffer, and quite a few signatures later and we're on our way!! An inspection, millions of more signatures, and in about a month it will really be ours! Our goal closing date is February 11!

I would post pictures, however my camera broke this week, today I'm going to buy a new one and then I'll post some after that.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

End of Christmas and Resolutions

We made yesterday our last day of Christmas. I am always sad to take the tree down so we left it up one more night. We sat in our living room, glowing with the Christmas tree lights, and watched Christmas Vacation and Elf. Now I am ready to close the Christmas season.

And, seeing as yesterday was New Year's, I'll add our resolutions. I have always done them, usually accomplished them, and encourage everyone to set goals! Mark's New Year's Resolution is to visit his Great Grandma and Grandpa each month. They live about two miles down the road and yet we've only seen them a handful of times since moving here. My New Year's Resolution is to do one "Indianapolis" thing a month - meaning that I want to make time to do things like visit museums, maybe see a Colts game in person, etc. I so enjoyed city life while living in Louisville and here I just haven't taken advantage so...the journey begins...

HAPPY 2010!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Movie Project Update: December Recap

With December being such a busy month we decided to just try to squeeze some Academy Award winners without trying for theme nights. We manage to see four - a feat we thought to be impressive in the middle of everything else.

Our December movies were: The Life of Emile Zola (1937), West Side Story (1961), The English Patient (1996), and No Country for Old Men (2006).

We were surprised by the first two, they were both really good! We also enjoyed No Country for Old Men, probably because it was a sheriff movie which Mark loved. But The English Patient has been added to our list of all time least favorites. So...there's the December movie update.