Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful for 2010

10. The blessing of steady employment and income for both Mark and myself.

9. Our friends at CUMC and the lessons we've learned from them.

8. A new digital camera this year! It has been my first one that's not a hand-me-down and
I love it!
(Even though I haven't been so good at posting the pictures here on our blog.)

7. The blessing of TWO vacations this year - Clifty Falls and Georgia

6. The move of Lance, Julie, and Jordan to Owensboro so they are just 3 hours away!
Finally they are close enough to see on weekends! :)

5. "Really" living in Greenwood - I have doctors and a dentist now. They are
all wonderful ladies who have helped me through the year so very much

4. Our evening Bible study. Sharing with each other every night has been such a blessing.

3. The love, patience, and support of friends and family. I am so thankful
for the internet and USPS as those systems keep us in touch.

2. Our house. I have loved it from the minute we saw it in January. I love that it is HOME

1. The blessing of eternal life and God's beautiful promise of hope!