Thursday, November 24, 2011


Usually I make a post of the top ten things we're thankful for each Thanksgiving. This year has been a lot of days that I am thankful for.

01.01.11 - The beginning of a new year, the one we vowed to live happily as "just the two of us"

01.28.11 - The day we learned there was THREE of us

02.14.11 - My 24th Birthday

02.15.11 - The first day I threw up all day and I really felt pregnant

03.03.11 - Mark's 23rd Birthday

03.31.11 - The day we first heard "Baby's" Heartbeat

05.21.11 - The day we saw her beautful face

Alot of anxious days inbetween waiting for...

10.05.11 - Annabeth Sage Riley's Birthday

Alot of wonderful days inbetween...

Today. We are so thankful for today. Last year I was thankful for my gradually improving health and a doctor who was willing to let us try. This year I am thankful for my gradually improving healing and the doctors who saved her life.

After all of the frustration and pain of "everyone but us" experiencing the joy of being parents we are so thankful that it was part of His plan to let us be hers.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who prayed for us and with us and for our little miracle.