Friday, September 23, 2011

Chicken Butter

If you've spoken with me since January you know I've become a total ding-dong. No really, the educated, college brain I worked so hard to develop has become a "palcenta brain." This is a REAL condition that affects women from the beginning of pregnancy and can last all the way through their youngest child's fifth year. It's a condition where in order to simply survive the woman's brain often forgets to do anything but think of the baby and thus the woman becomes a complete ding-dong about everything else in the world. This is me now.

Wednesday Mark and I went to WalMart. We desperately needed groceries and I cannot push the cart without contractions so we went together. We arrived in the cold foods section with "butter" as the next item on our list. I like the Smart Balance with Flax Seed, Mark likes the Country Crock Fat Kid Butter and so every other purchase we trade off which kind we get. It was his turn. And so I send him over to pick his butter, he brings it over, and for some reason I could have sworn that label said "Chicken Butter."
*Note: Chicken is, and has been since January, the most disgusting thing in the world to pregnant me*
I said, "Chicken Butter?! What is that?!" Mark just stared at me like I was insane - remember, placenta brain - "Calcium Added." Upon a second glance I realized he was right, he had not selected Chicken Butter but rather Calcium Added. So, there I was in the cold foods section, 9.5 months pregnant with my skinny little feet bloated out to the size of small countries, in one of the last shirts that fits, with Annabeth swinging from my ribcage like it's a set of monkey bars...and I just laughed, loud and long. Mark finally just pushed the cart away from me, moving on to the milk section, clearly pretending to not know that crazy, giant footed, laughing woman who wouldn't even let her husband buy Chicken Butter.

If you're now sure that I'm insane and sorry that you're my friend: Annabeth will be five in a few years, you may want to come back then when I have normal feet, a waistline, and my college educated brain back.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Retirement be in early retirement, what bliss!

My first few days off work have been wonderful! It wasn't until I looked at a calender that I realized that in the past year I had only taken 4 days off work - 2 sick days and 2 days for funerals. No wonder I was exhausted!!

DAY 1, Saturday: I read not just one but TWO who books while Mark slept and I waited for my sister to come for a visit.

Day 2, Sunday: Lu's 22nd Birthday. Church, remembering 09.11.01, lunch at the Creation Cafe with cake sent from heaven, a walk along the canal, a "detour" to Zionsville with jewelry shopping, and then a wonderful evening at home with Lu watching 90's movies and being sisters.

Day 3, Monday: Lu and I FINALLY found the Benjamin Harrison House (this took us 4 tries this weekend) where we enjoyed an almost 2 hour tour. Then upon the recommendation of our tour guide we headed to lunch at the Propylaeum for a tea luncheon - we had Monte Cristo Paininis and some more cake sent from heaven (Give me a break, I am 9 months pregnant! I can have my cake and eat it too!!) Then, because we are now ladies of leisure, we took an impromptu tour of the ladies club with a fabulous group of society ladies celebrating a 50th birthday. is good! I've done some exploring and shopping that will be more difficult once Annabeth is here, I've completed her baby shower scrapbook, and I have her photo book caught up with pictures through last Sunday.

As much as I am enjoying retirement, I am looking even more forward to her arrival so I can return to work! It's nice to know the job I'll hold forever, Annabeth's Mommy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

MC1 is 10-42

MC1 = Master Control 1 = Me from 04.07.11 - 09.09.11 at the Johnson County Jail
10-42 = Radio Code for End of Shift

Yesterday at 1630 I had my last 10-42 time.

I am so blessed to have been employed by the sheriff's office and even more blessed to have served alongside the men and women who make it run. Their dedication and service to our community is unbelievable. There were countless days/nights when people came in early, stayed late, skipped lunches all for the sake of a stranger, the honor of serving.

Running Master Control, being responsible for the lives of more than 300 people on any given day, was a stress I did not always think I could handle. There were many tears cried at moments when I felt I'd been too slow or failed a coworker or been short with an inmate. But to those I worked with, worked for, I want you to know it was the greatest honor I have ever had. Thank you for trusting me from 0800-1630 M-F with your lives. Thank you for allowing me to call the shots. Thank you for your quick responses, your encouragement, and your understanding when things got crazy in the box. To assist and serve you all has been such an honor. Thank you for your continued service to our community. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.