Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Retirement be in early retirement, what bliss!

My first few days off work have been wonderful! It wasn't until I looked at a calender that I realized that in the past year I had only taken 4 days off work - 2 sick days and 2 days for funerals. No wonder I was exhausted!!

DAY 1, Saturday: I read not just one but TWO who books while Mark slept and I waited for my sister to come for a visit.

Day 2, Sunday: Lu's 22nd Birthday. Church, remembering 09.11.01, lunch at the Creation Cafe with cake sent from heaven, a walk along the canal, a "detour" to Zionsville with jewelry shopping, and then a wonderful evening at home with Lu watching 90's movies and being sisters.

Day 3, Monday: Lu and I FINALLY found the Benjamin Harrison House (this took us 4 tries this weekend) where we enjoyed an almost 2 hour tour. Then upon the recommendation of our tour guide we headed to lunch at the Propylaeum for a tea luncheon - we had Monte Cristo Paininis and some more cake sent from heaven (Give me a break, I am 9 months pregnant! I can have my cake and eat it too!!) Then, because we are now ladies of leisure, we took an impromptu tour of the ladies club with a fabulous group of society ladies celebrating a 50th birthday. is good! I've done some exploring and shopping that will be more difficult once Annabeth is here, I've completed her baby shower scrapbook, and I have her photo book caught up with pictures through last Sunday.

As much as I am enjoying retirement, I am looking even more forward to her arrival so I can return to work! It's nice to know the job I'll hold forever, Annabeth's Mommy.

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