Monday, May 18, 2009

God's Time is NOW!

For months and months we've been patiently praying and waiting for God to reveal His plan to us. The time has come! Last Saturday, Mark found a job, he will be working through a temp. agency while we look for other jobs. The blessing of Saturday's job meant finding a place to live because the job is in Greenwood. So Saturday we toured an apartment and filled out the application. Today we received the good news that we have been approved and we have a place to live! I do have our new address so just message me if you'd like it for snail mail. We move June 1st. I am so thankful to have a plan for our post-wedding day life!! Thank you God for taking care of us!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where It All Runs Together

I've found that sometimes too many things hit at once and all of my emotions run together. This is one of those weeks.

Mark and I are both still applying for mad people like jobs -- no news. The stress is nearly killing him and I'm not doing much better. Pray for us please.

Wedding adjustments have overtaken my life due to my previous guest miscount. Today I'm fixing the cake and then hopefully I've resolved those issues.

Mark and I are going 13 days without seeing each other and then we will just briefly in the two before the wedding. It may seem ridiculous to be this upset, obviously we'll see each other everyday after we're married...but if you've never been in a long distance relationship you cannot begin to understand. I dream of the day when we can actually have discussions, solve problems, and pray together - face to face.

I am also struggling, more than I ever knew I would, with the prospect of not being at camp this summer. After my second summer on staff, I was so sure that I was finished I could never think of going back, and then one day God put it in my heart to work again last summer. I did and I loved it. This year I know that I'm not meant to be there but it's the most difficult thing I have ever let go of. I am praying for peace in my heart and for the joy of those who are spending their summer there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life's Still a ?

For our friends and family who are following this blog in the hopes of staying up to date with the Kuhn/Riley family, my apologies for not updating enough.

We are down to 18 days until the wedding and still praying for jobs. It is amazing the peace that God has placed in our lives despite the complete and utter uncertainty of our lives. We have each sent out lots of applications and we are still waiting for those "yes!es" But as we have been saying for months, we know that our lives our in God's hands and that He will provide for us in His time. My prayer is that some kind of answer (preferably in the form of a job offer) comes in the next 18 days and if not I will continue to pray for patience and peace.