Monday, May 18, 2009

God's Time is NOW!

For months and months we've been patiently praying and waiting for God to reveal His plan to us. The time has come! Last Saturday, Mark found a job, he will be working through a temp. agency while we look for other jobs. The blessing of Saturday's job meant finding a place to live because the job is in Greenwood. So Saturday we toured an apartment and filled out the application. Today we received the good news that we have been approved and we have a place to live! I do have our new address so just message me if you'd like it for snail mail. We move June 1st. I am so thankful to have a plan for our post-wedding day life!! Thank you God for taking care of us!


laura katherine said...

yay! so happy! that's really close to me! we're going to be neighbors!! teehee . . . i'm super excited for both of you!

Sara Poe said...

I'm so happy for you Amy! I've been out of everybody's lives for so long that I can barely keep up. Side question.. after all the business of the wedding, honeymoon, and moving stuff I'd like to talk to you about how to be a Godly woman. Its been a struggle thus far, especially finding friends who are Godly themselves. I just need help in my own life to let go and live as God desires. Thank you, and best wishes.