Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where It All Runs Together

I've found that sometimes too many things hit at once and all of my emotions run together. This is one of those weeks.

Mark and I are both still applying for mad people like jobs -- no news. The stress is nearly killing him and I'm not doing much better. Pray for us please.

Wedding adjustments have overtaken my life due to my previous guest miscount. Today I'm fixing the cake and then hopefully I've resolved those issues.

Mark and I are going 13 days without seeing each other and then we will just briefly in the two before the wedding. It may seem ridiculous to be this upset, obviously we'll see each other everyday after we're married...but if you've never been in a long distance relationship you cannot begin to understand. I dream of the day when we can actually have discussions, solve problems, and pray together - face to face.

I am also struggling, more than I ever knew I would, with the prospect of not being at camp this summer. After my second summer on staff, I was so sure that I was finished I could never think of going back, and then one day God put it in my heart to work again last summer. I did and I loved it. This year I know that I'm not meant to be there but it's the most difficult thing I have ever let go of. I am praying for peace in my heart and for the joy of those who are spending their summer there.