Saturday, June 25, 2011

6th Appointment Update

This past Thursday Annabeth and I went to see Dr. Franklin. Still no weight gain BUT for the first month NO WEIGHT LOSS!! A wonderful thing to see the same number again this month!

Blood pressure is still wonderful. No swelling or vein issues. No further restrictions on activity or lifting.

I am feeling : Big! Some days I feel like I wake up and have grown over night. I also finally feel like I "look" pregnant. After 25 long weeks, it's crazy to think that in 15 weeks or less she'll be here! It's all so long and so short at the same time.

Annabeth is feeling: sassy! When Dr. Franklin put the cold heartbeat moniter gel on my belly this week, Annabeth kicked her! She's a lady who knows what she wants!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Great Adventure

Before getting married, I always said I wanted to "wait to have a child." Never could I specify what I was waiting for or how long I was to wait I always just thought I needed to hear and see many things before a child entered my home. Even as Mark and I married and decided to trust God with the timing of our child, I worried that I would miss my great adventure.

I have heard so many beautiful sounds in my life: waves crashing at the ocean, orchestras all over the country, call to the post at the Kentucky Derby, "That's Good for Another Cards First Down!", camp songs sung around a hundred campfires, songs that defined various life moments, etc


I have seen so many beautiful places/things: castles in Europe, the Ocean at sunrise and sunset, a panda bear, the view from the bottom and top of a mountain, New York City at night, perfect sandy white island beaches, San Fransisco in the morning with a fresh, hot Italian pastry in my hand, etc


March 31, 2011 I heard the most beautiful sound on earth, my baby's heartbeat and May 21, 2011 I saw the most beautiful sight on earth, my daughter's face.

In that one single, Saturday morning moment I realized that she is my great adventure. Annabeth Sage will be my life journey, my greatest accomplishment, my passion. I am not going to miss anything but instead will experience everything: the joy of being not only a daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, but also a wife and Annabeth's Mommy.

I love my life and God for giving me all that is good and wonderful in it.