Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Great Adventure

Before getting married, I always said I wanted to "wait to have a child." Never could I specify what I was waiting for or how long I was to wait I always just thought I needed to hear and see many things before a child entered my home. Even as Mark and I married and decided to trust God with the timing of our child, I worried that I would miss my great adventure.

I have heard so many beautiful sounds in my life: waves crashing at the ocean, orchestras all over the country, call to the post at the Kentucky Derby, "That's Good for Another Cards First Down!", camp songs sung around a hundred campfires, songs that defined various life moments, etc


I have seen so many beautiful places/things: castles in Europe, the Ocean at sunrise and sunset, a panda bear, the view from the bottom and top of a mountain, New York City at night, perfect sandy white island beaches, San Fransisco in the morning with a fresh, hot Italian pastry in my hand, etc


March 31, 2011 I heard the most beautiful sound on earth, my baby's heartbeat and May 21, 2011 I saw the most beautiful sight on earth, my daughter's face.

In that one single, Saturday morning moment I realized that she is my great adventure. Annabeth Sage will be my life journey, my greatest accomplishment, my passion. I am not going to miss anything but instead will experience everything: the joy of being not only a daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, but also a wife and Annabeth's Mommy.

I love my life and God for giving me all that is good and wonderful in it.


jessica said...

mee! i can't think of anyone more fitting to be a mother! also, i am oh so glad it's going to be a teeny babygirl because i have gift making ideas already in mind and they were all very girl related.

praying that you stay healthy and unsicky. i love you big.


Anna Jonnette said...

That is amazing Amy and really made me smile. You will be a great mother. You are in my thoughts and prayers!