Friday, April 27, 2018

Frugal Friday 242

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/earned extra money this week:

- The kids and I had fun using some items from around the house for "fun school" in the mornings.

One morning we did a fun experiment with jelly beans and water. 
It was really simple and the kids loved watching their water
turn into rainbow colors.
(And yes, some days we do school dressed like Elsa or Wonder Woman or Pioneers
Owen mostly enjoyed counting his jelly beans and then eating them

 We also did the classic preschool/early elementary activity of
playing in shaving creme. Annabeth did her spelling and Owen 
worked on shapes and letters while they played.

- Mark worked two nights at his part-time job. I did my ususal work on my Usborne Books & More book business. 

- Saturday the kids and I headed down to the Louisville area for my Godson's 5th birthday! Rose did an awesome Carnival theme and we all had so much fun! Mark took the day to hike with scout friends in Morgan/Monroe Forest.

- Sunday we went out to Mark's parents' house after church. We enjoyed a homemade waffle and egg casserole brunch. Part way through the afternoon, some of us met at Southeastway Park and took the kids and one of the dogs out on a hike. Our kids would live outdoors if they could and so could we! :)

- Annabeth was sick Monday night into Tuesday. We missed her ususal solo lesson and our weekly eat out lunch. Not happy she felt poorly but we saved: $20

- Annabeth and I each did some cleaning in our rooms. Wednesday we took a big box of items to be donated.

- Wednesday afternoon we shopped the Here We Grow Again - Indy South Sale. I have been consigning and shopping with this sale for five years and love it! We've made back around $1500 and saved probably that much on gently used items for our own home. We came in under 50% of my total shopping budget by sticking to my list and not looking at things we didn't need. I also always do a walk through and then double check all items for holes, strains, and "do we really need this?" I put back $15 in items after that check.
Here is what we bought and it's approx retail price/what we paid:
Four Step 4 Readers (Retail Value: $13/We paid: $5)
Big Disney Princess Storybook (Retail Value $16.99/We paid: $5)
Usborne Wind-Up Train Book (Retail Value: $29.99/We paid: $4)
Baby GAP Church Shirt for Owen: (Retail Value: $15/We paid: $3)
Gymboree Church Outfit for Owen: (Retail Value: $30/We paid: $3)
Black Leggings (new with tag) for Annabeth: (Retail Value: $3.99/We paid $2)
Matilda Jane Dress (Retail Value: $70/We paid: $10)
Total Retail Value: $178.97 .... We paid just $34.92 with tax ... Saved: $144.05!!!

- I bought Owen's church shoes for summer. I shopped around until I found the lowest price online. It was at a place that offered free shipping AND 3.5 % through eBates!

- Yesterday, we took the beautiful, sunny spring day to drive to Cunot, Indiana. It's about 90 minutes from us and it's where my Momaw was born and lived during her childhood. I found my Mama's Grandmother's home and we made a picture for the family. We stopped at the beautiful Cataract Falls on the way home. Owen LOVES waterfalls and has been asking to see one. Cataract are the largest falls in Indiana and they did not disappoint. Owen just loved them! We also enjoyed some time out in the woods and on a little playground nearby.

We had a wonderful week and are so excited that spring seems to have sprung here in Indiana!
We are looking forward a fun weekend filled with music, birthdays, and tons of time outside!

Happy Savings to All! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Frugal Friday 241

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Last Friday, the kids and I went to Nasvhille/Brown County for the day. We took in a little magic show and mini-class as part of a field trip with some school friends. We also had lunch (for under $10 at Brozzinis) and played at the new little natural playground in Nashville. We had a great day with the Evans family. On the way home, we stopped at the Bean Blossom Overlook and the kids loved looking out over the "mountains" and being on top of the world.

In front of a fun store in Nasvhille. Both of the kids 
loved all the windchimes at this one!

 Holding hands at the overlook. They loved how little towns looked from
way up high and tried to see who could see the farthest.
I pray they always take time to stop and enjoy the journey. 

- Saturday morning, Mark took the kids out for a rain walk. They walked over a mile and apparently had fun looking at worms. I took that 90 minutes to tag for the consignment sale next week.

- Saturday we had an indoor family campout. Owen and Mark camped out in his room (Owen basically only sleeps in his own bed but wanted a buddy) and Annabeth and I camped out in the living room.

- We had three trees die over the fall and winter. Mark cut them all down over the weekend. I am so thankful that he has skills like that - they save us so much money! I am also so thankful that he allows both kids to "help" so they can learn those skills as well.

- Sunday we had lunch at dinner at Mark's parents' house after church. Thank you all! They also sent home a bit of leftovers which was much appreciated.

- Monday morning I did our big school order from our homeschool publications company (Alpha Omega Publications) since everything is 20% off in April. We saved $62.63 by shopping this month. It was hard to believe I was ordering the Pre-School books again and 2nd grade! Where is the time going?!

- I found an item to give as a gift. It's original company offered free shipping but no discount or eBates. I did some searching and found it on another site - also free shipping plus 3.5% back through eBates!

- I continued with my spring cleaning and took down a room's worth of wallpaper border and did a HUGE kitchen cleaning. I did all of the cabinets, counters, etc. It's been a bit easier to stay focused on spring cleaning this year as it's still cold enough to snow outside! I hope to get it all done before it actually gets warm again!

We are looking forward to a fun weekend ahead an hope that you are as well!

Happy Savings to All!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Frugal Friday 240

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Encouraged by a couple of friends' posts about sensory play I decided to get back out our rice and beans to play with. Both kids had hours of fun with them!

Lots of fun pouring, dumping, and digging! 

- Saturday and Sunday Annabeth competed at the Beyond the Stars Talent Competition. We packed our own lunches and snacks both days and did not spend any money at concessions or the t-shirt shop.

Sunday morning, ready for her solo "Lollipop"

- Saturday night, after dance, we went out to Mark's parents house to visit. Mark's mom ended up treating us to a pizza dinner and sent home the leftovers. Thank you! :)

- Monday morning I was in a deep cleaning mood and Owen and I spent about 90 minutes working in the school room. We ended up with half a trash can and a whole recycling tote full of items. I was glad to get rid of many half-finished or completely colored coloring and activity books. I also got rid of lots of little scraps of things.

- I enjoyed Starbucks twice thanks to a giftcard from my birthday. Thank you Luke and Cassidy!

- Last week we made quick trip to the mall to return things and, of course, had to stop by Old Navy. We spent just enough to earn Super Cash with the purchase of four items the kids needed for summer. I didn't really have a need to go back so I put the Super Cash up for grabs on Facebook and was able to share it with a friend who was planning to shop there this week. I was glad to save her some money and to resist the temptation for myself to spend more.

- Our friend Susie (of a GALi on a Mission) makes beautiful handmade items to raise money for missions. We purchased a Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bag Wolf at Christmas to give to Annabeth along with her Little Red book and bow. This week Susie had a contest on her Facebook page and I won! She let me choose any of her handmade items and I chose a little unicorn which I will save back for Annabeth's birthday in the fall. Thank you so much Susie! Please visit and join her Facebook page to find beautiful items made and sold for a great cause.

- Our sweet neighbors are back from their winter in Florida. Miss Gloria said that she does quite a bit of crafting while there and crochets items for each of her daughters. This year she added me to her list and brought us beautiful yellow potholders and dishcloths to match our red/yellow kitchen. We have been so richly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors and friends!

- Last night, Mark and I had our first date since December. We enjoyed the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce's "Meet the Candidates" as we supported our friend Kirby Cochran for Sheriff. We also ran to the grocery to shop for the week. That doesn't sound too exciting but we only go on about 3-4 dates a year and I love any time I get him to myself.

We had a good week and I had a lot of "cleaning energy" so I went through lots of things and kept things moving out of the house. Even though I feel like we do that quite often we still have way too much stuff!

Happy Savings to All!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Frugal Friday 239

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Last weekend we made a quick trip to Evansville to celebrate Easter with my family. My mama treated us to a trip to the Children's Museum of Evansville. After buying tickets, we realized if we all went one more time we would spend as much as buying an annual pass. She generously upgraded the trip to a Family Memebership. We look forward to visiting lots in the next year! Thank you!

- Friday we went to Owensboro to visit my Momaw. My dad and Mark took the kids down to Smothers Park on the river and they were so excited to be outside playing (the parks in our town are currently under water due to flooding) My dad also bought a new kite and took Annabeth over to Kentucky Wesleyan to fly it. She loved that special date with him.

My Monkey-Monk and her new monkey kite
Photo Credit: David Kuhn

- We had two wonderful Easter celebrations and egg hunts with each side of the family. We were thankful to be at our own church on Easter morning and then spent the afternoon celebrating at Matt and Jenn's. We had a nice pitch-in lunch and we took squash casserole, asparagus, and butter kuchen.

Riley Four - Easter 2018

- Mark worked two nights at his part-time job. He worked his usual shift and covered for a friend. I put together a book basket for a silent auction for the Scrap Pink Ball. I am so thankful be able to use my Usborne Books & More business to bless others.

- Last weekend my sister and I traded big bags of clothes. We each chose about five "new" items from the others. I love shopping her closet and it forces me to clean out mine so I can trade with her. We had a HUGE bag to donate at the end of it as well!

- Monday morning we woke up to snow. The kids loved getting out and playing in it before it melted.

- Monday into Tuesday we had TONS of rain. By Tuesday evening we finally caught a break between thunderstorms, so I grabbed the rainboots, raincoats, and the kids' new Easter umbrellas from Mark's parents and we took a long rain walk. The kids have so much energy and it's hard for them to be stuck inside all day.

- Wednesday morning we ran up to Greenwood to go to the mall. We went early and I gave the kids 90 minutes to play on the mall playground. It's not really that big or awesome but they were happy to be out of the house and to have it to themselves. We also returned two items - one was a shirt of mine so I now have store credit at Macy's and the other was Owen's Easter shirt that I had ordered online that came after Easter Sunday. He doesn't really need another dress shirt so we returned it and put the money back in our bank account. We also walked quite a few laps around the mall to get out energy. We resisted the urge to eat out and ate our packed snacks and then drove home for lunch.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend filled with dance and birthdays!

Happy Savings to All!