Friday, September 27, 2019

Frugal Friday 311

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- We enjoyed Friday Night Movie Night at home with a movie from the library. We snacked on homemade cookies.

- Saturday-Monday Mark was out of town for a training. He had a good time and learned a lot. He is working on a training and project that will take about 18 months to complete. I so appreciate that Mark always gives his best when working on projects like this.

- We stopped by a friend's garage sale. It was the end of day three but we did find two books, two little toys, and three clothing items for $6.

- Saturday the kids and I met Jenn and the kids down at Apple Works for the afternoon. I had packed water but it was much hotter than we had anticipated so I ended up buying $2 in bottled water. Once we had seen the main area, we went to the Trafalgar Library for some fun air conditioned play. I am so thankful to have precious time with them.

Apple Works with my loves. 

- I mentioned last month that we bought half of a pig. That came in handy this week as we made a pork roast for Mark to take along to his training. It provided the meat for one of their dinners. We also used BBQ pork roast plus fresh fruits and veggies to take to a dear friend on Monday for lunch. Please pray for "A" and her family as she lost her husband that morning in a car accident. They have two small children at home. They are part of a large family in which we know and love many members.

- Monday evening I went to cook dinner only to find that the heating element in our oven was broken. I had plenty of meals on hand to be cooked in the crock pot or stove top so I wasn't worried about that BUT this weekend is the church fish fry and I had signed up to bring pies. I am so thankful that my dear friend Jeanette is the kind of friend I can reach out to and say, "Hey! Can I come bake a bunch of pies in your kitchen?" and she'll say yes! Thank you Jeanette!

- Tuesday we played at the library, got books and movies, and then met our friends the Eblings at the park. I love getting together with them and watching our kids grow up as best friends - and in the case of Owen and Asher, best enemies.

- Wednesday my dad came to visit! He brought the kids a new-to-them art easel. They also spent that afternoon geocaching. Wednesday night Annabeth had dance, Dad and Owen had a park/ice cream date, and Mark and I had a REAL out-to-dinner date (our first since March!)

- Yesterday, we dropped pies of for our church fish fry. The kids also had Saddle Club and my dad enjoying coming along to see what they do. In addition to horse things, they did some fishing this week. After horses, Dad took Annabeth out on a date and Owen and I spent some time together.

- Last night the kids, Mark, and Dad had an ice cream sundae bar and movie/play outside night. I went with two friends to see the new Downton Abbey movie. Yes, I realize movies are not remotely frugal BUT it's the first theater movie I've seen since I was expecting Owen so $12 every 4.5 years doesn't seem *too* crazy to me.

We had a great week and really enjoyed having Dad here.
We are looking forward to a good weekend and to kicking of Annabeth's birthday festivities! 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Frugal Friday 310

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Friday night we skipped our usual night out for dinner and ate at home. After that, Owen and I did the grocery shopping. We spent $93 for the next two-ish weeks.

- Saturday morning, Mark took Annabeth to run some errands. They stopped by Starbucks for a treat and were blessed by a friend who purchased their order for them. Thank you Scott!

- Owen and I had our own date as well. We ran by the Farmer's Market, played at the library, added some books to our stash at home, then redeemed a gift card from My Library Rewards at our local toy store. We cashed in 200 points for a $5 gift card. We purchased two Christmas gifts.

 Our $6 Farmer's Market Finds
$5 flowers in glass jar and $1 pumpkin for Mr. O 
"Hey Mama, let's just sit at that table and talk a while."

- Saturday afternoon, Mark and Annabeth went to help with a friend with an Eagle Scout project. Annabeth enjoyed helping and Mark always loves supporting scouts. Owen and I went to Chick-Fil-A and used one of his gift cards from summer reading for a free ice cream and park play.

- This week we made homemade chili and thanks to my friend Ann, homemade and healthy sweet and sour chicken. I tried to make bigger dinners and then served the leftovers for lunches.

- Mark worked overtime, I worked my Usborne Books & More business, and I added my final express tagger. This tagger has over 300 items and I've spent the last two nights just getting everything entered in the computer. Now I'll spend the weekend physically tagging everything.

- Tuesday night the kids and I helped unload and deliver mums for a fundraiser for the dance year. We were able to pay Annabeth's choreography fee and part of our September budget with this fundraiser so thank you to everyone who purchased fall flowers! We drove up to Indy and delivered the flowers two evenings. The kids LOVED seeing the city lit up at night.

- Wednesday morning, before it got hot, Owen and I cleaned out our car. It was a mess from transporting all of the flowers. We also helped our neighbor do a bit of work in her garage.

- Wednesday evening, I dropped Annabeth at dance and then went and met Mark's mom with the rest of the flower order. I also stopped by the grocery store - ALONE! For the last year, I have been very very overwhelmed with being a mama, running two different classrooms all day, working, and managing the home. I was not taking nearly enough time for myself and so we've been working to find a better balance for me.

- I scored some good deals at a thrift store - two shirts for Owen, a shirt for Annabeth, and a shirt for me all for around $9. I also found $1.60 swim trunks on the Meijer 90% off rack for Owen for next summer.

- Yesterday morning, we enjoyed the preschool story time at the Franklin Church of God. This is Owen's last year of preschool and we are looking forward to enjoying one more year of this fun story time with friends before he moves on to Kindergarten.

- Yesterday at Saddle Club, a family brought a huge bin of free books. I chose two for Owen and Annabeth chose four new chapter books. I think next time we clean out ours, we'll do the same. It was fun to see how excited all the kids were about new books!

We had a good week here, received a "yes" to a prayer for a friend that we have been praying for 2 years, and are so thankful for a weekend ahead with good friends and family.

Happy Savings to All!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Frugal Friday 309: What I Spent This Week

Happy Frugal Friday!

I've been seeing these kind of blogs and vlogs and even had a request for one.
So, here is what I spent this week*
*I am ONLY sharing money that I spend. I will not be figuring the original cost of gas or groceries that were purchased before this week but used this week*

Friday (9/6) $0
I taught a co-op class on Friday morning and the kids enjoyed playing with friends.
I had an afternoon Zoom call for my Usborne Books & More business.
We played outside all afternoon, helped our neighbors with their groceries, visited with some friends who stopped by, and Mark mowed the lawn.
We ate all of our meals at home.

Saturday (9/7) $12.46
Mark left for a training.
Owen and I took Annabeth to Open Gym. This is included in our monthly fees so we did not pay for it.
We came home, did laundry, organized closets/dressers to include some items for the cooler mornings/evenings.
We took the recycling, returned books, and enjoyed a free train show at one of our libraries.
We did pick up dinner while out. A gift card covered $10 so we paid just $12.46 out of pocket.
We had an at-home movie night with movies borrowed from the library.

Sunday (9/8) $21.53
We went to church and the kids had music class. After church, we went to Wolf Run Park and played for an hour. Another family from church was also there and the kids enjoyed playing while I visited with a friend.

Park play

We went to Mark's parents' house for lunch and afternoon play with the cousins.
We did stop by the store for a little grocery fill-in (we had not been in a week) and for cookies to take as a treat for lunch. Spent $21.53
We came home for dinner and game night.

Monday (9/9) $170
We had a normal school day.
We took Annabeth to dance and paid her choreography fee ($150 - one time fee for the year) and also paid for a private lesson ($15)
We ate our meals at home.
I also purchased an item from a friend at 75% off retail. I will be adding it to Annabeth's birthday gift. I had not planned on purchasing this item new due to cost + shipping but to get it for $5 and no shipping I splurged.

Tuesday (9/10) $0
We had our normal school day and did lots of chores around the house.
We spent the afternoon at the library - getting new books, DVDs, doing a scavenger hunt, and enjoying Travel Club.
We came home for dinner and watched a little movie about The Artcraft - our local movie theater.

Wednesday (9/11) $2.37
We had our normal school day.
I did have to use the printer at our local UPS store. Spent $2.37 on printing.
Annabeth had dance class and Mark and Owen enjoyed Man Night.
We ate all of our meals at home.

Thursday (9/12) $40
We had our normal school day.
We did chores around the house.
The kids had Homeschool Saddle Club. This costs $40/week for a 2 hour class/ride for both kids.
We ate all of our meals at home.
In the evening, Mark had a meeting and the kids and I went to a special animal presentation at the library.

Total Spent this Week: $246.36
Breakdown ---
Eating Out: $12.46
Groceries: $21.53
Kids Activities: $205
Misc: $2.37

This week was MUCH more than usual as the kids activities are generally $55/week vs the $205 but we did have that one time fee this week.

Let me know what you think of this different Frugal Friday format.
Would you like to see another week of it?

Happy Savings to All!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Frugal Friday 308

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- The kids and I spent Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon down south with my parents. We enjoyed lots of time play in the backyard, a bonfire night, a visit to Owensboro, two different parks to play in, and time at a new (to us) library. We spent $0 on this trip as my parents treated us to both eat-out meals and even bought our gas to come home. Thank you all!

Annabeth posing as a butterfly at Baird Park 

Owen enjoyed the Lego table and play pizza area at East Library.
It was nearly 90 degrees but I did spy a bit of red in the trees
behind him - fall is coming!

- While in Evansville, my Mama and I had a little date and went to a consignment store that specializes in furniture and home decor. My mama bought a table that she had her eye on for quite some time and we found a item to add to Annabeth's birthday. My sister kept the kids for me and it was a great hour out with just Mama!

- Mark went to get new tires for our second car over Labor Day Weekend. He had found a tire sale + rebate and got a very good deal on decent tires. When he arrived, they told him the tires he ordered had not come in yet so they upgraded him for FREE! This was very exciting for us! We had chosen a mid range tire because we don't drive the second car very often.

- We gave one of Owen's car seats our nephew. Owen is just about to size out of it, it's the one in our second car, and our nephew will need in in the next six months or so. We were happy to save L&C the cost of buying a seat for each of their cars - now they will just need to buy one.

- Monday was Labor Day. Mark worked and the kids and I caught up on some chores around the house. We did meet up for dinner and had fun playing a new game that the kids borrowed from my parents' house.

- I ordered a photo gift for a friend's birthday. I was able to get it FREE and just paid shipping thanks to a Labor Day Sale.

- We purchased two pizza gift cards through a friend's fundraiser. The money will help her daughter go on her 8th grade class trip and this is a good deal for us as it's the pizza place that we love to get pizza from.

- We went to the Louisville area on Wednesday to visit friends. We baked cookies to share with them as a thank you for hosting us for the day.

-  I had an Inventory Sale with my book business. I am excited to really roll into the Holiday Season! If books are on your people's wish lists check out my site: Amy Riley's Usborne Books & More

- I did spend one unplanned dollar as I purchased a candy bar from a friend's fundraiser. He is one of the sweetest kids we know and I couldn't resist helping him earn a limo ride!

Last week the kids and I had our dentist appointments. They referred Annabeth to and orthodontist and after going this week, we learned that she will begin her orthodontist journey sooner rather than later. We had NOT planned on this nor have we been saving for it. I was older when I really started with it so I was thinking we had a few years. Thankfully we were able to pay the down payment and we can make ten months of interest free payments in their office. Because we do not have a credit card surprises like this can feel big and scary, I am thankful that we faithfully put money into our savings and that we could cover the down payment.

We are looking forward to a low-key weekend.

Happy Savings to All!