Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 23rd!

Mark and I have been married one month today! In honor of that I'll share the words from a wedding card we received. We've kept this one out in our living room as a constant reminder of what marriage is to be.

Marriage is God's Plan

The joy that a husband and wife find together
is part of God's wonderful plan
to bring the most perfect fulfillment
that life ever gives
to a woman and man.

Together they honor and cherish each other,
together they worship and pray,
their home life is founded on
faith, hope, and love,
and their happiness grows every day.

There's no greater joy for a man and woman
than to find the real meaning of life
in the beautiful presence of God's Holy Spirit
that joins them as husband and wife.

The end of the card reads: Many years from now, may you look back and say to each other, "God has truly blessed our lives." That is my prayer this day, for every married couple, to realize that their marriage is a blessing from God.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My parents and sister are in town for the weekend so yesterday we hit the Trinity Garage Sale and the Boy Scout Car Show. Then we made our way to Waterman's Farm Market for what the newspaper advertised as a "Refuge Fair." Filled with fair trade goods and authentic ethnic foods - we were in heaven. Our first stop was for Egyptian food where two Egyptian sisters fed us the best pita of our lives! We asked if they had a restaurant, they do, and so at about eight o'clock last night we found ourselves in Fountain Square (after adding Mark and his brother Luke to the group) at Luxor restaurant. All of the other regulars were already there so seating our group of six took about ten minutes as the sisters fussed over us and the DJ spoke every word, whether she needed to or not, into her mic. The menu is AMAZING - a good blend of Italian, Greek, and Egyptian dishes and the food is even better. While it took us nearly half-an-hour to order seeing as the shot gun restaurant was jam packed, we listened to white, nerdy people sing karaoke. THEN! came the belly-dancers - including Cocoa a waitress who just minutes before had been serving dishes. She was the best - beautiful costume, great dancing. And then, after her dance and a bow, she returned to her black and white servers outfit and brought out the next round of plates. Belly-dancing was followed by more karaoke (this time the good people came out to sing) and a dedication song to Mom and Dad for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I have fallen in love with eating out, with hole in the wall places, and Egyptian Food. Luxor, on Virgina Ave in Indy will be seeing me again, next Saturday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today I had a perfect day.

I have been struggling for the past week or so...it's been difficult to adjust to a new place (especially knowing that I will be living here for a while so I have to like it) and a new way of life (as Mark's wife). I have also been struggling with no news on the job front. As someone who always succeeded, life since losing my job in February has felt very much like one, long failure. I realize that I have taken two great vacations, seen more of my family and friends, gotten married, moved, etc BUT on a personal-professional level, I feel like nothing.

So, I was very much in need of a perfect day. I woke up to rain (which usually causes me to have low days on the depression scale, but not today! Thank you God for JOY!) Following my breakfast of a grilled cheese sandwich I went to the grocery, alone with my coupons and spent a hour there. (I love going to the grocery when I can be alone and take my time. This love began in Louisville when it was my few moments of alone time each week. I love it even now.) After putting away the groceries at home, I went to the public library to get my new card. I fell in love -- like I always do at bookstores and libraries. I picked just four books, so I can back sooner, and then proceeded to spend the afternoon reading one. ("Knit Two" by Kate Jacobs the sequel to "The Friday Night Knitting Club") I finished just in time to make dinner and to eat with Mark. Then I sat down with a bucket of Baskin Robbins cookie dough ice cream and watched "You've Got Mail." A perfect day.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE! and be GLAD! in it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We are fully moved into our new apartment. The couch and mattress/box springs came on Tuesday! Thankfully! It's wonderful to not just exist on the floor. This week I've finished hanging all of the pictures and finished all of the decorating. Tuesday, after the furniture came, I built the tv stand -- quite the accomplishment! :)

Mark goes to Johnson County Jail tomorrow to take his lie detector test. He knows what they are going to ask and said that he should be fine. So...after that we'll just have to wait and see.

Other than that, I've spent my days getting the apartment done, cooking (just a little), and applying for jobs. I am anxious for Sunday to come so we can try a new church. I miss having friends. I had imagined becoming friends with our neighbors -- however, they are all Hispanic and my Spanish is pitiful making it difficult to form a conversation, much less a friendship. And after last night's failed attempt to talk to the kids downstairs about their Cheetos I've just resorted to "Hola!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding, Honeymoon, Moving

Whew! What a hectic couple of weeks!

Our wedding was absolutely wonderful! Thank you to everyone who sent warm wishes, came to help move things, and came to celebrate! It was exactly what I had imagined marrying my best friend would be like.

We left before 8 am the day after our wedding to drive to Madeira Beach, FL for our honeymoon. Tom and Debbie Steinmetz were kind enough to let us use their condo there for the week. It was such a wonderful blessing to have a free place to stay so that we could save our pennies! The week was wonderful and I am already wishing to be back at the beach again.

We came home the 30th and then we moved to Greenwood. We are all the way unpacked but the furniture will not be delivered until next week so we are sleeping on an air mattress and eating dinner on lawn chairs. I have a feeling it's something we'll laugh about for many years!

We are also thankful for God's humor and timing. The day after moving in, Mark received not just one but TWO phone calls for job interviews! He interviewed at the Johnson County Jail (the job he wants most) yesterday and will also interview in Edinburgh next Tuesday. Johnson County will have him back next week to complete stage two of the application process. It is definitely a week of celebration at the Riley House!