Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding, Honeymoon, Moving

Whew! What a hectic couple of weeks!

Our wedding was absolutely wonderful! Thank you to everyone who sent warm wishes, came to help move things, and came to celebrate! It was exactly what I had imagined marrying my best friend would be like.

We left before 8 am the day after our wedding to drive to Madeira Beach, FL for our honeymoon. Tom and Debbie Steinmetz were kind enough to let us use their condo there for the week. It was such a wonderful blessing to have a free place to stay so that we could save our pennies! The week was wonderful and I am already wishing to be back at the beach again.

We came home the 30th and then we moved to Greenwood. We are all the way unpacked but the furniture will not be delivered until next week so we are sleeping on an air mattress and eating dinner on lawn chairs. I have a feeling it's something we'll laugh about for many years!

We are also thankful for God's humor and timing. The day after moving in, Mark received not just one but TWO phone calls for job interviews! He interviewed at the Johnson County Jail (the job he wants most) yesterday and will also interview in Edinburgh next Tuesday. Johnson County will have him back next week to complete stage two of the application process. It is definitely a week of celebration at the Riley House!

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