Sunday, June 21, 2009


My parents and sister are in town for the weekend so yesterday we hit the Trinity Garage Sale and the Boy Scout Car Show. Then we made our way to Waterman's Farm Market for what the newspaper advertised as a "Refuge Fair." Filled with fair trade goods and authentic ethnic foods - we were in heaven. Our first stop was for Egyptian food where two Egyptian sisters fed us the best pita of our lives! We asked if they had a restaurant, they do, and so at about eight o'clock last night we found ourselves in Fountain Square (after adding Mark and his brother Luke to the group) at Luxor restaurant. All of the other regulars were already there so seating our group of six took about ten minutes as the sisters fussed over us and the DJ spoke every word, whether she needed to or not, into her mic. The menu is AMAZING - a good blend of Italian, Greek, and Egyptian dishes and the food is even better. While it took us nearly half-an-hour to order seeing as the shot gun restaurant was jam packed, we listened to white, nerdy people sing karaoke. THEN! came the belly-dancers - including Cocoa a waitress who just minutes before had been serving dishes. She was the best - beautiful costume, great dancing. And then, after her dance and a bow, she returned to her black and white servers outfit and brought out the next round of plates. Belly-dancing was followed by more karaoke (this time the good people came out to sing) and a dedication song to Mom and Dad for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I have fallen in love with eating out, with hole in the wall places, and Egyptian Food. Luxor, on Virgina Ave in Indy will be seeing me again, next Saturday!

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Sir Bowie of Greenbriar (a.k.a. David A. Kuhn) said...

We loved it, too.
Enjoy getting out and eating "off the beaten path."