Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 23rd!

Mark and I have been married one month today! In honor of that I'll share the words from a wedding card we received. We've kept this one out in our living room as a constant reminder of what marriage is to be.

Marriage is God's Plan

The joy that a husband and wife find together
is part of God's wonderful plan
to bring the most perfect fulfillment
that life ever gives
to a woman and man.

Together they honor and cherish each other,
together they worship and pray,
their home life is founded on
faith, hope, and love,
and their happiness grows every day.

There's no greater joy for a man and woman
than to find the real meaning of life
in the beautiful presence of God's Holy Spirit
that joins them as husband and wife.

The end of the card reads: Many years from now, may you look back and say to each other, "God has truly blessed our lives." That is my prayer this day, for every married couple, to realize that their marriage is a blessing from God.

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Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar said...

happy One Month - celebrate!

and keep on going - you have years ahead of you!

we love you both,