Thursday, August 27, 2009

"What Do You See?"

Mark's Grandma Pat was taken Home Sunday, August 16 by our merciful Lord and Savior. I am so thankful for the comfort and peace that He gave to us in our final week with Grandma.

As I was taking care of her daily, I was able to witness so many beautiful moments between Grandma and her family that she loved so much. My favorite was her last words which came on the Thursday before her passing. Kristi (Mark's mom), our friend Jenni, and I were the only ones home with Grandma. She had been gazing into space and reaching up with her arms all morning. Finally Kristi asked, "Mom, what do you see? Do you see Grandma?" (Kristi's grandmother has been gone many years now) And Grandma Pat whispered, "Yes." Kristi asked again, "What else do you see?" And plain as day, for the first time in weeks in a clear voice, Grandma said one beautiful word, "Heaven."

For a tiny instant she was Grandma again, her eyes looked just as they always had and her voice sounded just like her. I am so thankful for that moment of reassurance from Grandma that our Lord was taking her home. Thanks be to God for the incredible, and undeserved, blessing of eternal life.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Half Birthday Surprise! :)

Yesterday was my half birthday!! After a long day at work, Mark took me out for a surprise. He bought me beautiful opal earrings! :) I'm not always a fan of surprises...but this is one I can live with! I am so thankful to have a husband who listens when I say I like things and watches as I point to them in stores. I love him!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July Recap

Mark's Grandma Pat is still home and doing alright. She spends most of her days in bed now and is, sadly, quickly deteriorating. I am thankful that while she is awake God is still giving her joy and positive words to say and that for the most part she has been able to remember her family. My prayer is that she feels little pain and my selfish worldly want is that she will continue to remember her daughter and three grandsons. She can forget the rest of us but I know how very much they need her to remember them. I pray that God continues to make that a reality.

In other news, I have started a new job at the Johnson County Sheriff's Department. (Yes this is where Mark works, no I do not see him) In the mornings I assist the jail nurse. Mostly that means doing all of her paperwork, listening to inmate complaints, and giving/reading TB tests. Then after lunch, I go up front to the Jail Administration Office and I do tax warrants and I help with Sheriff Sales. So far I love it! I am so thankful to be working again and for new friends! God is truly great!