Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Kick me Anna!"

"Kick me Anna!" had become Mark's favorite phrase. I started feeling her move about two weeks ago but not enough to feel her on the outside. Ever since then, Mark has been poking my belly trying to get her to move. I kept explaining that even when I feel her kick, if I put my hand over that spot, she stops. Well, turns out she was just waiting to kick his hand first. Monday night she kicked her biggest kick ever, right after he put his hand on my belly. He's obsessed now. I don't think my stomach will be mine again for 18.5 more weeks - it belongs to Annabeth's kicks and Mark's pokes. I love it because I love them. I love them both so much more than I ever dreamt was possible. God is SO good.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Annabelle Paige?

Baby's Name is Annabeth Sage Riley!!

In sharing our news mostly by phone people have come up with lots of creative ways of hearing Baby's name. So...here's an explination of her name:

Her First Name:
Part 1 - Anna: Named for my grandmother Betty Anne, my mother Suzanne, and my sister LucyAnne and because I LOVE the name
Part 2 - Beth: From my middle name Elizabeth and for all of the wonderful women I have known with Beth/Elisabeth/Elizabeth in their names

Her Middle Name:
Sage: Her middle name was the middle name of a very dear friend of mine who entered the life eternal five years ago. Brandon was a lifetime friend. He was wonderfully good and kind. He loved the Lord, his family, his friends, and music. I miss him every day.

We would love for Annabeth Sage to be a little like all of these special people: Amazing. Beautiful. Gracious. Kind. Loving.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ultrasound 1

Saturday we met Baby, face to face. I had seen ultrasounds in movies and ones that family and friends had shared but meeting my own baby was a compeltely different experience, the most amazing experience of my life. I tried to stay calm during the ultrasound so I could hear everything the tech was saying but as soon as we walked out the door, I lost it. I just cried and cried and stared at those little pictures she gave us. Our baby is amazing and perfect. I thank God for our blessing.

Saturday we met our daughter, face to face. I had known from the moment I knew I was expecting that Baby was a girl. In private, we have called her she for months now. Our daughter is amazing and perfect. I thank God for our daughter.

Saturday, we met Annabeth Sage Riley, face to face. Annabeth is amazing and perfect. I thank God every moment for Annabeth. God's grace astounds me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 19

We are in our 19th Week!

We go Saturday, May 21, for our first ultrasound where we will be able to see Baby for the first time! We are so excited! We have waited and prayed for so long for this one day. For years we have been told that a biological child was not possible for me, and in turn us, but Saturday will give us absolute proof (because sometimes this still feels like a dream) that God has blessed us.

We thank God continuously for Baby and all of our blessings.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4th Appointment Update

Baby and I went see Dr. Franklin last week. Here is the update:

Weight Gain: -25 pounds. We'll try to gain this next month but if I am still sick we will be working on a plan to stop the vomiting

Blood Pressure: 110/60 (coming from work! Impressive!)

No circulation or vein problems. Also, no swelling!

Restrictions: Just the normal two that they add at 4 months, no bike riding or horseback riding.

Baby's heartbeat is a strong and steady 154 just like last month. We'll be going the third week of May for our first ultrasound - where hopefully we'll learn Baby's flavor - and our next 4 week check up with Dr. Franklin! Things are looking good in our 17th week!!!