Saturday, September 10, 2011

MC1 is 10-42

MC1 = Master Control 1 = Me from 04.07.11 - 09.09.11 at the Johnson County Jail
10-42 = Radio Code for End of Shift

Yesterday at 1630 I had my last 10-42 time.

I am so blessed to have been employed by the sheriff's office and even more blessed to have served alongside the men and women who make it run. Their dedication and service to our community is unbelievable. There were countless days/nights when people came in early, stayed late, skipped lunches all for the sake of a stranger, the honor of serving.

Running Master Control, being responsible for the lives of more than 300 people on any given day, was a stress I did not always think I could handle. There were many tears cried at moments when I felt I'd been too slow or failed a coworker or been short with an inmate. But to those I worked with, worked for, I want you to know it was the greatest honor I have ever had. Thank you for trusting me from 0800-1630 M-F with your lives. Thank you for allowing me to call the shots. Thank you for your quick responses, your encouragement, and your understanding when things got crazy in the box. To assist and serve you all has been such an honor. Thank you for your continued service to our community. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.

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