Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're in Escrow!

From Gilmore Girls:
TJ: "Hey Luke, Your Sis and I, we're in escrow! We're in ESCROW!!"
Luke: "TJ, do you even know what that means?!"

Well, TJ may not have but WE do!! :) Yes, it's true! We've found a place to permanently call home!

You may be wondering, how did it happen?! We have been out driving looking at houses for fun and a few weeks ago we passed one and Mark said, "Stop and let's get the flyer." We did and he fell in love. I wasn't so sure but we looked it up online and I began to fall in love. So, to get some of the emotion out of our system, we waited a few days and then went to look at the property with a realtor. We loved it! We walked in the front door and it just felt: RIGHT. We waited another half a week before we looked again, we wanted to really process it, discuss it with a financial man, with our families, and then Monday evening we went to look again. At that point we knew, it was ours. An offer, a counteroffer, and quite a few signatures later and we're on our way!! An inspection, millions of more signatures, and in about a month it will really be ours! Our goal closing date is February 11!

I would post pictures, however my camera broke this week, today I'm going to buy a new one and then I'll post some after that.

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laura katherine said...

oh my goodness! amy! i'm so excited for you and mark! this is wonderful!
ps i laughed a lot at your gimore girl's reference... happy day!