Monday, December 29, 2008

End of '08

The end of each year always makes me sad, I have a hard time with letting go of the past 365 days. This year is like every other, I'm not quite ready for the newness, the unknown, of next year.

Highlights of 2008:
Jan: Ringing in the New Year by eating a pint of ice cream with the resolution to lose weight this year
Feb: Turning 21 without a single drink
March: Trip to Virginia and Tennessee
April: Celebrating the end of the semester with a patio dinner/bar night with Leah
May: First trip to California, Falling in love with San Fransisco
June: A whole month of camp love!
July: Starting the book "1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married" with Mark
Aug: Matt and Jenn's Wedding, Trip to Iowa, Graduating from college
Sept: Getting my first real job
Oct: Finishing "1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married" with Mark
Nov: Lakeview Dinner Auction, Counting Blessings
Dec: Time with my friends and family

This year, as a whole, has been defined by the development of my faith. I have grown closer to God and grown more in His word in the past four months than in all the time before them. I am thankful for His guidance, His grace, and His love. I am also thankful of His reminder from 1 Corinthians that LOVE NEVER FAILS.

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christamac said...

i love it amy. makes me wish my memory was strong enough to elaborate on a year like this...and for the record, i missed you at the reunion like crazy! hope you got my hug from mark!