Saturday, May 15, 2010

So a funny thing happened at work...

We work at a strange place. I mean a really strange place. People who work at stores or schools are always trying to tell us that they have a strange/difficult job and while I'm sure they do...we usually win the best story from work award though.

This past Monday I was out with the nurse on TB Rounds. This task involves going back into the cell blocks and either giving or reading TB tests. We are two of ten women that these inmates ever see. Nurse Nancy is a beautiful lady, but is also in her 50's, so I attract the (UNWANTED) attention of quite a few inmates. Nancy finds this to be hilarious and always says, "Amy, your boyfriend is waving hello." One such 'boyfriend' is housed in our maximum security blocks and has been winking at me since last fall. I ignore him. This week though he happened to tell an officer that he wanted me to call him. His mistake, he picked Officer Riley.

Oh the joys of working in corrections...

As this is my first blog about work I will also take this moment to ask you all to be praying for the millions of incarcerated people and their families in the United States. We are constantly frustrated by their repeated mistakes and failure to follow the law and so we pray for our inmates daily. Without God's help they will not ever reform their ways. Please also pray for the thousands of individuals who work in law enforcement and corrections. Pray with thanks for the many sacrifices that they make, the families they rarely see, the horrors they see on the job, and for their protection and safety.

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