Sunday, January 2, 2011

December Recap

I have abandoned my blog this last month and a half of 2010! So Sorry!

To recap life since Thanksgiving:

- I successfully coordinated an ornament exchange/dinner night out for the ladies at work
- We survived another work Christmas party
- Our house was decorated all month and looks beautiful this time of year
- Mark worked December 24, 25, and 26 so I played "Mark" and went to all of his family's events.
- I caught the stomach flu at Christmas Eve, then Mark caught it by the middle of the week, and then we came to Evansville to share it with my family as well.
(Mark says we'll have to work on receiving and giving better gifts next year)
- We rang in the new year in Owensboro while celebrating our "Christmas" with Momaw

All in all, a wonderful month of celebrating the season!

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