Tuesday, January 1, 2013

THE Police Car

One night in August 2006, my parents put my name in a contest at a charity event and won a black and white police pedalcar. I was 19 so too big for the car and childless so they brought it home to save for "someday" and "someone". Around the same time that night, I called home to tell my family that I had met the man I was going to marry, Mark. I told them that he was beginning school in the fall to study Law Enforcement and that his goal was to become a Law Enforcement Officer. The little police pedalcar has sat in my parents sunroom for these past 6 years, waiting for a little one to ride in it, today Annabeth was big enough!!
Deputy A.S. Riley - Asst. Chief  of Riley Family Law Enforcement Division
A "random" night, a "random" prize, a "chance" confession in a phone call - the August night when I had reception at Lakeview, the little car they wondered why they won, and the conversation between sisters - all part of His plan! So, today, Annabeth, daughter of a Sheriff's Deputy, citizen of a town who has black and white police cars that say "To Serve and Protect" fulfilled a strange, funny plan. Thanks be to God for our Blessings!


Abbi said...

That is so cool! I love how God works out even the details that don't really matter but give us joy.

Demara Fuchs said...

That is so neat and she looks great in it.