Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stitches Story

Last Thursday I was making dinner, pasta and sauce were cooking on the stove, when I decided to open a can of peaches. The top rim of the can was dented so I could only get the can opener halfway around. Then I tried to pry it open with a spoon and when that didn't work I just stuck my hand in the can. As I did it I heard my Mama's voice, "Don't do that, you'll cut your hand." I managed to get it opened enough to get the peaches out and it wasn't until I looked down into the bowl, now full of both peaches and blood, that I realized that I had sliced my hand open.

I thought that maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed, maybe there was just going to be a lot of blood at first. But after running my hand under the sink, I realized that I was wrong. That's when I started screaming for Mark to come help me. He jumped out of the shower and ran into the kitchen. I said, "Please look at it. See if it's that bad." He took one glance, ran and grabbed a washcloth for me to apply pressure with, and then told me he was going to put more than a towel on because I needed stitches.

Thankfully we live across from Community South and I was able to get in quickly. After seven stitches, learning that I am in fact allergic to lidocain, and Mark's gift of a cookie I returned home to rest.

I am thankful this week for God's amazing Grace. I am blessed because I cut down to all of the tendons but not through any of them. I am blessed because I missed severing an artery, by less than a millimeter, that would have required emergency hand surgery to fix. I am blessed because God has used Mark this week as an example of His unconditional love. Thanks be to God for my many blessings!

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Abbi said...

Oooh... not fun! I am glad everything turned out all right! God certianly does protect. A couple of years ago I dropped a canning jar on my hand which then broke and cut my thumb open. It did slice into the tendon but thank-fully not all the way through and it healed well (after stitches and a brace). That sort of thing can be a bit scary!