Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day Off/Away

Yesterday Mark and I both had the day off and, at Mark's suggestion, we headed down to Edinburgh. We spent hours at the Exit 76 Antique Mall and for the first time ever made it through the WHOLE thing!! Then we enjoyed the nice weather with a good walk, a little shopping, at the outlet mall. After dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, Mark said, "Hey. Want to go to camp for a lake walk?" Our original plan was to walk the whole lake, then based on the cold to go to our bridge, then we just made it to Elvira's house. She was home, baking with Laura Kat, and they were kind enough to share some cookies and some of their evening with us! We abandoned our lake walk plan at that point and stopped in to visit with John and Karen as well. Our night ended with a starlit tour of the new camp thanks to John. A great day/evening away with surprise visits with friends! Thanks be to God!

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sarah said...

it was SO good to see you! you are more than welcome to stop in ANY time for a "lake walk" : ) love you!