Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Post: Reflections on Greenwood

Because this is my first Thanksgiving away from home, I've decided to give specific thanks for this new place that I call home.

Top 10 Things I am Thankful for in Greenwood:

10. Passing the "Wishing Well Motel" every day on my way to work. It's known for its prostitutes and, ironically, in the fall for its family friendly pumpkin patch. I also love that right above it, if you're driving south, you'll read this sign "Do you know Jesus?"

9. Days spent at the laundry mat. Hearing 7 different languages and watching every single kid love Sponge Bob on the back TV.

8. Living near two beautiful parks that are perfect for walking and reading books in.

7. Living very close to the wonderful Greenwood Public Library!

6. Being able to drive to downtown Indy or the middle of the country (by either driving north or south) in just a matter of minutes. Truly the best of both worlds.

5. Our new church! It was the very first one that we tried and it is a perfect fit.

4. The constant noise and entertainment (chihuahuas, fire twirling, the fire dept, etc) that our neighborhood provides.

3. Our FANTASTIC Goodwill stores! We have two are they are the greatest that I have shopped at ever!

2. Working at the county jail. I am thankful that in this economy that both Mark and I are employed at jobs that we love. I am also thankful for all of our co-workers who, in true police force fashion, have become our closest friends and our new little family.

1. The fact that after years of waiting, Mark and I (finally!!!!) live in the same place!

Thank you all for reading and for being incredible blessings in my life! May the Lord Bless and Keep you as you enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend!

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