Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Two Hours Later..."

As Mark and I were moving into our apartment, he went through each room with a checklist of problems and then made a list for the maintenance men to work on. One of the issues that he wanted addressed on move in day was the leak in the shower. The maintenance men took a look at it and said they just needed to go get some parts and that they would be back within two hours. That was June 1.

Yesterday, December 1, they came to fix the leak in our shower. Yes, true story, apparently in our little corner of the world a "two hour fix" is truly a six months and two hour fix.

So, now, mostly thanks to the hours that Mark spent in our bathtub yesterday, and the ten minutes of a maintenance man, we have a beautiful, shiny, newly caulked, leak free shower! And it only took "two hours"

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