Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Charles Christmas

This past weekend I went home, while Mark visited VU to catch up with his college friends, and Mama, Lu, and I went to St. Charles, MO for the day. One of Mom's friends had planned the trip and the ladies were kind enough to let Lucy and me tag along. We enjoyed an afternoon of shopping, homemade lunch, a "parade" of Santas from around the world, and found an incredible scrapbooking store! In the evening, we went to a parade that followed Mary (on a donkey!) and Joseph through the town looking for a place to stay. In the end, a shopkeeper told them they can have the stable out back and then all of the parade moved to a park for the Living Nativity. Then we all sang Christmas Carols around the Yule Log Bonfire with carolers dressed in old fashioned clothing:
We arrived home late Saturday night and headed straight to bed so we could make it up for church. After church the four of us went to Pizza King for lunch and then to get our Christmas tree! I was excited because this year I got to pick it! I am so thankful that Mama and Dad waited for us to come home to get the tree and to decorate the house because now it actually feels like Christmas!

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Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar said...

the rest of the story...David and I went to a Christmas party after the girls headed out...came home hours later to the tree laying down on the job...complete with water and broken ornaments on the floor!

Cleaned up, laughed and went to use crying over fallen trees!

It's now anchored and doing just fine : )

and it is beautiful!!