Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bowling, Downtown, and Reindeer

This week is Mark's vacation week from work. So today we had a "Vacation Day!!" The day started off with a delicious homemade breakfast cooked by Mark and then we spent the morning getting some much needed laundry and stuff around the house done. Then we spent the afternoon bowling. It was fun, we hadn't been since our rehearsal dinner in May, but we both bowled really well! Dinner was baked spaghetti, a household favorite!

And then, the best part of the day, we finally went downtown to the circle to look at the Christmas lights - I have been asking since before Thanksgiving! I love when they turn the monument into the giant tree! It's amazing!
We made sure to take our annual Christmas light picture underneath the monument's light tent.

After that we thought we had seen the best parts of Christmas at the Circle until we saw REINDEER! I am not sure that I had ever seen one outside of a zoo before. Not only did we see it but we also go to pet it!! She was so soft and had the longest hair! It was an amazing day out!

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