Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Year's Resolution: July

July's "Indianapolis Event" was by far the most special of the year. We were blessed with a week long visit from Matt, Jenn, and our beautiful nieces Katherine and Elisabeth!

On Sunday, July 25, we shared in the baptism of Kati and Elli. The girls were bapitsed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Indianapolis. It was so special to see them becoming offical members of God's family in the church that the boys were raised in.

We are so thankful that Matt and Jenn were willing to travel SO far with their little ones so we could all meet them and love on them. It is hard to believe that next time we see them they will be almost nine months old! Dear God, please bless Matt and/or Jenn with a job a little closer so we can share more time together!

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