Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Already?!

Where does the time go?! I wish I was as good at posting pics on here as some other blog friends but hopefully you can make time to catch up through my facebook albums if you want to see those.

September was filled with trips and visits once again. We enjoyed a weekend away with Mama, Dad, and Lu at Notre Dame! We shared classy pregame lunch with Great Uncle John, watched the Irish win over Notre Dame, and then spent a day in Amish Country and the Marshall Co. Blueberry festival.

Our other big news has been medical news. In August I finally broke down and went to the doctor for all of the problems that I had been experiencing this year. We discovered that my insulin levels were 10 points over the highest that they ever want them to be. I am, thankfully, NOT diabetic and my blood sugar is always well below the "pre-diabetic" levels so it is just become an issue of regulating and lowering my insulin levels. I am on week six of Metformin and doing much better already. I have lost 15 pounds already and the goal is at least five more before my doctor visit next month. I have also noticed that I am once again much happier and in control of my emotions as lowering my insulin levels has also improved my hormone levels. (Mark is glad to have a happy instead of teary wife) Please be praying as I continue to get everything level and normal again and please be praying for Mark as he puts up with me :)

God's Blessings on your fall season!

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