Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's My Birthday!

That's right, February is here and so is my birthday month!

Celebrations were as follows:

Feb 4 -Dinner out with Rose where I received a beautiful Hello Kitty Purse!
Feb 11 - Chinese Dinner in Evansville with my parents, Lu, and Mark then home for gifts. I received lots of amazing new craft supplies and Dad built me an AMAZING craft cabinet! *Pictures of it are on facebook*
Feb 12 - Spent the day in Owensboro. Had lunch at the club with Momaw and Aunt Nancy as well as Mama, Dad, Lu, and Mark. I spoiled myself two Sprites with extra cherries. Then it was back to Momaw's for gifts and ice cream cake.
Feb 13 - Lunch at Pizza King on the corner of St Joe and Franklin - the BEST one - and then back home for Donut Bank Cookies
Feb 14 - THE day!! I worked but Tiara bought me lunch at Chicago's and then Brandi surprised me with a double-decker-iced birthday cookie! I went home for gifts with Mark, organized my new craft cabinet, and then headed out to dinner.

Tomorrow night will be dinner with the Riley Family and then sadly it will all be over. I am pretty proud that I stretched it over 12 days this year. Not a record but still exciting! Oh how I love Birthdays!

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