Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our First Weekend Together...

This past weekend was the first weekend since November that both Mark and I have been off and without a trip involved!! It was such a blessing to spend time toegther, just our little family.

Friday Night we had dinner at Fridays (with gift cards and a coupon so we paid just $4) and then went to find Mark a suit. I had been saving since last summer when he first mentioned it and so we found him a beautiful Ralph Lauren suit at Macy's.

Saturday we enjoyed a free (thank you Cindy Dawson!) trip to the Home and Garden Show and then lunched at Shapiro's. Realizing that we still had a lot of the day left we headed up to the north side to visit Trader Joe's and some other organic food stores. We promptly realized that we are too poor for such luxuries and found a FANTASTIC Goodwill to spend the rest of our afternoon in! :)

Sunday I went to church while Mark visited Great-Grandma Kathryn and then we stayed home all afternoon watching movies.

It was so wonderful to just be together! I think God for all of the little blessings in our life!

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sarah said...

i'm so glad to hear you got to spend a weekend together- times like this when matt is out of town, i certainly appreciate those days together. hope all is well for you! thinking of you guys... miss you tons! so much love.