Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Visits

March has been so beautiful this year! The weather has been so wonderful that we've enjoyed great visiting this month!

Mama and Dad came up the first weekend to bring Cassidy's birthday gift - Dad made her a craft cabinet like mine. We spent the day at Matt and Jenn's new place and all went for ice cream in Columbus. It was also their first time meeting the girls so that was fun as well! Miss Kati is my kind of gal - she went right for Mama's rings!!

Brittany came up for a Sunday visit. We lunched and then went to Trader Joe's for baking supplies and food ideas. I am always so happy to see her and so excited for her bakery plans! I cannot wait for her to open her bakery and for more of her chocolate chip cookies.

Rose also made her way up for a Tuesday night date. With work we have both been so busy that I was glad to just have an evening together.

What a wonderful month spent with those we love!

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