Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Your Baby Asian!!"

I have noticed, especially lately, that every parent has a few "go-to" stories about each of their children. You know the ones...the cute little anecdotes that can be pulled out at a moment's notice and that other's can mouth along to. This is Annabeth's...

Mark and I love sushi. I mean LOVE sushi! I have been an avid fan for years and finally got Mark to try it during our engagement and he's hooked as well. I love eating at Japanese restaurants I love the music, the tea, the little sushi plates, and the food! Needless to say, despite my nausea and vomiting sushi has always sounded good and stayed down. In turn, Annabeth has eaten mostly sushi during her life in my belly.

One of our favorite places is Tokyo Buffet (on Emerson and County Line): a Chinese buffet, sushi bar, and now a fruit bar with chocolate fountain! It's wonderful and thanks to their coupon in the paper each week we can both eat for less than $25. During my pregnancy, I've discovered that they also do takeout sushi by the pound. For weeks I went there two to three times a week. Sometimes with Mark sometimes alone with the great takeout option. Finally on about week five of this cycle my favorite lady there exclaims,
"Your baby love the sushi. Your baby Asian!!"
So you see, God does answer prayers. For many years I have dreamed and prayed for an Asian daughter, and God has given me a little sushi lover! He is so good!!

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Anna Jonnette said...

I read this post and started laughing out loud. What a fun story to tell Annabeth when she is bigger. I am excited to see you next week!