Sunday, July 17, 2011

Servant Sunday

This year CUMC began a prayer shawl ministry and earlier this month we prayed as a congregation over the newest batch. We didn't realize at the time but one of them was for us. Today our little family (along with all of the Fire, Military, and Police families in the church) received our own prayer shawl as part of Servant Sunday.

So, a thank you, to the skillful hands who made our Sheriff's Yellow blanket/shawl. We are grateful for your prayers and your beautiful handiwork. We are thankful for your sacrifice of time to make our gift.

Thank you to the families we stood with in front of our church. Families who also give up days and nights together, who plan weekends based on an on-call schedule, and who sacrifice holidays and special times with loved ones to protect and serve strangers.

Most of all, thank you to God, for protecting Mark and the thousands who put their lives on the line every day. As I looked at the other families, I said a special prayer for the parents and spouses who stood alone today, receiving their shawl on behalf of a loved one who was in harm's way this morning. I thank God for his constant watch and protection over Mark, our coworkers, and all of the men and women who value the lives and protection of others above their own. Thank you on this Servant Sunday.