Saturday, August 13, 2011

Healthy Birth Class #1

Last Monday we began our Healthy Birth classes at St. Francis. I admit I had put off registering, they recommend doing so in the 4th month, but it had just seemed so far away. Well, her due date is 8 weeks from today so it was about time to learn how to make that all happen!!

Our class has 12 couples, all very nice. It was interesting every couple has learned the gender of their baby and most have been calling them by name for months now - just like us with Annabeth! :)

Last Monday was introductions, time for the partners to share concerns/questions, and time for us mommies to talk about the "uncomfortable stuff." God bless those women who feel as funny and hormonal as I do! Monday was also the beginning of labor videos, all of which I missed due to my "morning sickness" because yes, even now, I am throwing up all day and night. Good thing Mark has a strong stomach and was able to stay through the whole class.

Initial Thoughts:
1. I am thankful to the custodians of St. Francis for keeping the restrooms REALLY clean!!
2. All of the staff seems just as helpful and knowledgeable as we had been told.
3. I am really!!! thankful the class meets three more times. I am beginning to get so nervous!

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