Monday, May 28, 2012


May has been lovely and BUSY! - Annabeth now pulls to standing on anything and everything she can get her hands up on! - She moves down the furniture if there is something to encourage her - especially a remote control. - She has another new tooth - next to the one on the bottom! So cute! - Jenn, Cassidy, and I survived our first garage sale and made about $150 total. It was not what we had hoped for but we had fun and enjoyed time as the three of us girls! :) (+ Nate and Anna) - Memorial Day at the lake became Saturday at the lake and then Sunday/Monday in Evansville. The hot weather was TOO much for us and we ended up finding some great deals at Memorial Day sales while Dad and Mark watched the Indy 500 in the AC. Also, we enjoyed stopping by Grandma Chico's to surprise her and Uncle John who was visiting as well. Cannot wait to see what June has in store for us...

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