Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Favorite Four

This fall I will be watching M&J's three monkeys on Wednesdays while M&J go to work. Today is Day #1. I love it! Kati and Elli are constantly amazing me with just how much they understand! They have been successfully going potty on the big girl potty today, helped their brother when he was crying, and have been showering Annabeth with hugs and kisses. There was also an incident with some baby cereal...but I will leave that be until Jenn gets home to hear it first. Nate has been such a sweet guy all day. He really enjoyed our morning outside with the breeze blowing in his hair. He also loved George and Ryne kisses as well as pulling out the grass. Then, in the middle of lunch, sweet man fell asleep in his Bumbo, worn out by the big girls. Annabeth has been exploring all of the "big kid" toys and has really enjoyed shocking me by knowing how to climb on K&E's rocking horses AND toy cars. Seriously?! When did she get to be that big?! She has also enjoyed some "special treats" for lunch - potato rounds dropped on the floor by the big girls. One baby is sleeping. Two monkeys are jumping. Little Bit is enjoying having the toys to herself. I am so thankful for my Favorite Four.
The girls - all three with "AmyKuhn" hair
Annabeth and Nathanael - the "little twins"

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