Friday, October 21, 2016

Frugal Friday 165

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- My family visited last weekend to celebrate Annabeth's birthday. The birthday girl chose to take them to the Storywalk, to play at Green Park, and to have dinner at Chilli's. After dinner, we all took a tour of our new Kroger Marketplace (we are small town people, it's the little things). Annabeth was so excited to push her kid size cart and to show everyone around. We finished out the evening by eating ice cream cones in the backyard.

- This year, Annabeth's #1 birthday wish was a dollhouse. As soon as she asked, I talked to my Mama about it. My mama is a dollhouse collector and made Annabeth's wish come true. It was so special to watch her receive her dollhouse and even more special that the house and all the items inside came from Mama. So neat!

- My sister and I both cleaned out our closests and did a clothing swap over the weekend. I think we each came away with five new-to-us items. The rest were bagged up and will be shared with friends this weekend. I am so thankful to have a sister to share with!

- Sunday, my parents and Mark kept the kids and I took Lu out for a birthday lunch and shopping day. Her birthday was in September but this was the first time we were able to make it out alone! We enjoyed lunch and a bit of shopping in Broad Ripple. The rain scared us inside and we ended up at the Keystone Fashion Mall. I loved talking with Lu and shopping without kids!

- Our sweet neighbors Ed and Gloria gave Annabeth a pumpkin. She and Owen REALLY enjoyed getting all of the guts out so we could carve it. We also roasted the seeds for the first time. Yummy!

This kept them happy for an hour!
At first Owen wouldn't put his hands in the gunk but Annabeth helped him be brave!

- Wednesday we took a field trip to The Apple Works. Annabeth loved playing with her cousins and her friend Audrey! They checked out the petting zoo, playground, bamboo maze, and we hiked wwwaaayyyy out on the farm to get our pumpkins. We were extremely thankful for the wagon ride back to our car! We had a great visit for under $9!

My cute little pumpkins.

- Jenn and the kids brought us 4 boxes of hand-me-downs for the kids. I was really happy to see grey and navy leggings for Annabeth as both of those items were on my "to buy" list. I am so thankful that they share so generously!

- Mark worked two nights at his part time job.

- I had a rebate check come from the BMV. Made: $2

- I did a bit of Christmas shopping. I found shiny leotards for my nieces at a store where I got 2% cashback through Ebates and had FREE shipping!

- My amazing friend Alysha mailed us beautiful pictures of the kids from Annabeth's birthday party! Mark and I had taken some of the whole group but Alysha, as always, got the most beautiful candid shots of the kids.

- I took advantage of a FREE stylist fee on Stitch Fix. The fee is usually $20 and then is credit towards any purchase you make but if you don't buy anything you lose your $20. I was extra happy that it was free this time since I did not have anything in my box that I wanted to buy. Saved: $20

We had a slower week this week since Owen had a bad cold and had some new teeth come in.
That being said I am really looking forward to the weekend! Tomorrow I am headed to our church craft fair with Mark's mom and we have a bonfire with friends tomorrow evening. What fun!

Happy Savings to All! 

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