Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I Am Thankful I Voted Today

I am thankful I voted today.

I am thankful to vote in a well organized county with many available polling places. We waited behind just two people to vote. I am thankful to vote in a community with the sweetest election workers who always take time to talk to the kids and ask how my day is. I am thankful to vote in a safe community where I do not have to worry about violence as I make my way to vote.

I am thankful to vote in the State of Indiana. I am thankful that Indiana is a state where we had choices on the ballot for people who understand that life has value. I am thankful to have people to vote for who believe that a child's education is a decision the parent, not the state, should make - leaving the decision of charter, homeschool, private, or public up to the parent. I am thankful to have candidates to vote for who understand that as a homeschool parent, I do not want, or need, the states funds or oversight.

I am thankful to live in a place in time in our country where, even as a woman, I can vote. I am thankful for the candidates we have and pray that a Godly leader will be elected into office.

Now I can rest easy, my job is done, I have cast my vote.
I can rest even easier knowing that regardless of next week's election outcome - I know who the King of Kings is. I know whose rules I follow and I know who rules my heart.

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