Friday, December 9, 2016

Frugal Friday 172

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Mark worked a ton of overtime and one shift at his part time job.

- On Saturday, Annabeth and I enjoyed Gregory Hancock Dance Company's production of The Nutcracker. We were able to get tickets at a special, discounted price for homeschool families. We enjoyed the show with some friends from our homeschool group and saved $30 off regular admission.

- Sunday afternoon, Luke and Cassidy hosted the family for lunch. We had make-your-own tortilla pizzas which they grilled on the grill. We had not made them that way before and we enjoyed them!

- Annabeth and I made roll-out sugar cookies over the weekend. We took some to our neighbor as a thank you for babysitting Owen while we went to The Nutcracker and we took the rest to Luke and Cassidy's. Annabeth made the cookies (almost) all by herself. I double checked measurements and helped roll out the dough. I also put the pans in and out of the oven - I am not quite sure I am ready for her to do that alone! We used up ingredients we had on hand and did not purchase anything to make them.

- At the end of Thanksgiving Weekend, we tried Kroger's ClickList for the first time. This was quite handy as we came back in town from a weekend away. We liked that we could make the list online and edit it. We also liked that it tracked exactly how much we had spent which made it easy to budget. I did our usual grocery shopping trip this week and spent $30 less by shopping in store and this trip included paper goods and diapers! I was able to compare prices across brands better and found some great special markdowns which I would not have gotten shopping online.

- Monday evening we went to the Trafalgar Library and enjoyed the Silly Safari Reindeer Reserve. Annabeth especially enjoyed seeing a live owl and both kids petted the reindeer. I love finding FREE holiday events like this one!

- Tuesday morning the kids made a reindeer craft, using items that we had on hand, as we talked about all of the animals that we had seen at the Reindeer Show.

- The past two weeks have been very stressful as Mark has been working non-stop, like 100+ hours nonstop. I treated myself to Starbucks, thanks to a gift card, on Wednesday. Sometimes, I think it is important to do things for me too.

- I gave myself a haircut this week. I was going to just trim up the ends but ended up chopping off 4-5 inches. Mark said, "Wow! I can't believe you did that yourself." Saved: $50+

The kids and I had a good but busy week at home. Mark had an insanely busy week at work and we ask for your prayers that a big case will soon be solved. Amen.

Happy Savings to All!

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