Friday, December 30, 2016

My Favorite 12 Photos of 2016

I LOVE to take pictures! I LOVE to organize pictures. I LOVE to look back on pictures.
This year, in pictures, seems like such a long year because Owen was just shy of 7 months and Annabeth was just a bit over 4 years old when the year began. Now, I have a walking talking nearly 19 month old and a big girl 5 year old.

Here are my 12 Favorite (one from each month) Photos of 2016:

January 2016
This was taken mid-month at Asher's 1st Birthday Party.
I thought Owen looked so sweet with his arm around his sister. 

February 2016
They each had camo overalls that fit so we ran outside on a sunny day to make pictures.
Other than asking them to sit by the tree out back, they posed themselves.
I love that they are snuggling and smiling.  

March 2016
Easter Morning. Mark was called out so I got everyone ready for Easter Services by myself.
I loved their coordinating outfits and that they wanted to hold hands.  

April 2016
Annabeth had gone to bed first but Owen missed her too much. He was putting his little hand
under her bedroom door crying for her. She eventually put her fingers out to hold his hand.  

May 2016 
We were in Evansville, celebrating Uli Dog's 15th Birthday at Sonic.  
I am so thankful that we have had SO many years with her! She is the best dog!

June 2016
The Riley Four at Owen Merit's Bear Birthday Party. 

 July 2016
A sweet picture of my blue-eyed guys. 

August 2016
Creek stomping at Camp Lakeview with my girl. 
We were so excited to introduce our kids to the place where we met, fell in love, and 
got engaged. Lakeview has been a central part of our lives and our faith. 

 September 2016
Hanging out with Mr. O in our UofL gear.
His shirt says "Start 'em young, Raise 'em right!" 
Go Cards! 

 October 2016
This was my favorite picture of the year! 
Owen's angry face, Annabeth working diligently, a normal day at home. 

November 2016
We spent this day with my Mama and my Momaw at her house in Owensboro.
This day, and picture, became even more special after Momaw was hospitalized just a few
weeks later. I was so thankful to have had this day. I am even more thankful for the recovery that Momaw
has made. God is so good!  

December 2016
These two love to be together 99.9% of the time. They are always cuddling and playing.
I really could not ask for siblings who love each other more than they do! 

We are so thankful for the past year of our lives. We are thankful that we had time together, for our health, and most of all for another year living life for the Lord. As we look forward to 2017, we hope to praise, serve, and thank Him in all we do. Amen. 


Abbi said...

What a fun group of pictures! I bet it was pretty hard to choose your top 12. :-)

Amy and Mark said...

It really was. God really blessed our family in 2016. We are so thankful to have lived this year of service to Him and we look forward to seeing how He uses us in 2017!