Friday, June 2, 2017

Owen Merit is 2!

It is hard to believe that today is Owen's second birthday! And because he is 2 on the 2nd it's his Golden Birthday! 

In some ways, it feels like Owen has always been here. I feel like I can barely remember our little family before or without Owen.

Owen is so sweet and such a complete joy. He is happy most of the time and is so easy-going. He is totally happy in his stroller or the baby backpack and is easy to take out as long as we keep him contained. His wild place is the library - he gets out of the stroller and becomes a complete wild man! He loves to crash their toy cars, bang around in the kitchen, and most of all he loves to type on the computers.

Currently Owen loves:
- Mickey Mouse
- Books, the only thing he will sit still for is books
- Trains "Choo choo!"
- Toy cars
- Firetrucks, real ones and toys
- Going on walks, and by walks I mean being pushed in the stroller
- Eating fruit
- Drinking water and his sippy cups
- His sunglasses, his eyes are very sensitive to light and he is only happy outside without his shades

With the age difference between our kids (3.5+ years) I had forgotten about many phases and I am amazed with how quickly he picks up on things. He loves to mimic us, repeat words, and to practice his faces in the mirror. He has mastered running and climbing on furniture. He, in the last month, has learned to go up and down stairs.

While sweet, Owen is very stubborn. Just like with sitting (he was over 9 months old before he mastered that) and walking (18+ months!), he only does things when he wants and how he wants to. Our doctor has just decided that Owen has his own little growing pattern and that as long as he is making progress we should be happy. He seems to agree with her plan.

I spend many afternoons with post-nap Owen snuggled in my lap. He loves to comb my hair and to snuggle into me and to whisper. I will always treasure these baby (Mark would remind me to say toddler) snuggles and cuddles.

Happy #2 Owen Merit you are such a light and joy, we cannot wait to see how the Lord uses you for His glory!

Mr. O was up bright and early, ready to celebrate his
Golden Birthday! 

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