Friday, July 14, 2017

Frugal Friday 201

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- A friend posted on Facebook that she was needing to borrow a high chair for weekend company. We happily lent her one of ours and when she returned it she sweetly brought our kids some bubbles and temporary tattoos.

- I continued my summer babysitting job and had two more Usborne parties.

- Mark spent the week at summer camp with his boy scout troop. He is so happy to invest in the lives of young men in the same way leaders invested in him during his scout years. We miss him when he's camping with them throughout the year but we believe he is doing such important work.

- Last week and this week, I allowed Annabeth to borrow a launchpad from the library. We have not used these before but I decided to try something new. She played on each of them for about 20 minutes before completely losing interest. I was quite happy that she doesn't need to be entertained that way but hopefully she enjoyed something different too.

- We baked our favorite chocolate chip cookies on Monday as a thank you for our friends who babysat Owen for us this week.

Thank you again to the O'Neals for keeping this guy for us! 
He makes this cute face and says, "Hi mama!" in a little squeal voice and I can't say "no"
to anything he asks for! 

- We took a package of diapers that we no longer need to a friend's little boy.

- I organized some hand-me-downs for a friend who has a little boy and a baby girl on the way. I look forward to visiting with them soon and passing everything along.

Frugal Fail (sort of)
- Last Saturday Annabeth competed at the Applause Talent Nationals. She had to be there and ready at 7:30 am more than an hour from home. We debated back and forth and ultimately got a hotel room for Friday night into Saturday morning. We had not really planned on this expense and we waited until just a few weeks out to book the hotel so it was a bit expensive. It was not financially frugal at all BUT it saved my sanity! I felt so much calmer and I think Annabeth did so much better being able to wake up later and to get ready in a calm fashion with a 10 minute drive vs. a 60+ minute drive.

We had a great week and the highlight was cheering on Annabeth and Style Dance Academy at Applause Nationals! Annabeth and the "Disco Divas" earned a Double Platinum and 2nd place!!

 Congrats on 2nd Place at Nationals!!!!! 

Happy Savings to All!


Abbi said...

Congratulations to Annabeth!!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you!! She has worked so hard this year and it was so excited to see that hard work pay off! We are so blessed to dance at Christian studio where they really place the emphasis on good teamwork and character above all else.