Friday, July 20, 2018

Frugal Friday 254

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Friday night we went to the city pool for Twilight Swim with friends and spent just $2/person to swim. When we got home, Mark was watering our lawn and so were our neighbors. The kids spent over an hour running between the sprinklers while we all visited. We have been so richly blessed with neighbors who are such an encouragement to us. They treat us like their own children and grandchildren.

- Saturday Mark picked up overtime hours working security for my favorite politician. I wasn't happy to have Mark gone all day but was so proud to have him serve someone we admire so much.

- Saturday afternoon Mark's mom took Annabeth Back-to-School shopping. They came back with a few new outfits and some specials toys/snacks for both Annabeth and Owen. Kristi also thought to bring me Starbucks! Thank you so much for spoiling our girl! :)

- Sunday morning we were able to worship at our own church. After a busy summer worshipping at our family and freinds' churches and at camp, we were very happy to be at our church home. The kids were SO happy to be back at their class and Owen got to play handbells for the first time.

- We started back to school (2nd grade for Annabeth and Preschool for 3s for Owen) on Monday. We have all gotten back into the swing of our school schedule very quickly and it's made a huge difference in everyone's attitudes. We are all happier on a firm schedule.

- Tuesday we spent the day at the fair. We parked at our friends house, their backyard is the fairgrounds, to avoid paying to park. We enjoyed seeing Annabeth's projects, a free dinosaur show, and all of the animals.

We did splurge on Lickity Split Snowballs
My parents always got us ice cream from the Young Dairymen so I found
our own Anna-Safe tradition for the fair. As a 10 year 4Her it brings me such joy
to see Annabeth fall in love with a program that taught me so much!

- I took the time to clean all of our doors this week. I dust them quickly each week when I dust the furniture but I only manage a good wipe-down every two months or so. How do you stay on top of cleaning projects like that - walls, windows, doors? Tell me your cleaning secrets!

- Last night we enjoyed a free swim at the pool to celebrate our friend Drew's 5th Birthday. We met Drew, and his amazing family, when he was just a few weeks old at Wonderful Ones Storytime. His mom was my first Franklin friend outside of work and I am so thankful for 5 years of friendship with their family!

- Today and tomorrow we are garage sale-ing at our house with two friends. I did a little preshopping during set-up yesterday and I scored the health book I had planned to use for Owen's Kindergarten for just $5! I'll update next week with how much we made and if I thought it was worth it. I haven't hosted a garage sale since 2012 because I find the kid sales so much easier but we'll see how this goes.

Happy Savings to All! If you're local, come buy our stuff! :)

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