Friday, January 16, 2009

Cake and Flowers

Yesterday we were able to get the cake planning and flower planning finished! I am very proud of my first week of true wedding planning.
CAKE: Mom insisted that the cake come from Piece of Cake on Main Street. So, we went and had an appointment. I had already found a picture of the perfect cake and mixed some of my ideas with some of theirs and now we have a wedding cake! We also designed the groom's cake which is really fun and is perfectly themed for Mark and me. Special thanks to Cara at P.O.C. who was amazing - she answered all of our questions and provided yummy cake samples! :)
FLOWERS: The flowers are being designed by Pat Ingram. I am so excited to have her as part of our big day because she was my middle school speech coach. I credit her for ALL of my public speaking skills. She is also a wonderful artist and was full of great ideas. I am excited for the earthy, organic feel that our decorations will have.
The to-do-list is getting shorter...which must mean the big day is getting closer! Just 17 weeks away!

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